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Self-service visual tool
for data transformation and automation

Build the entire analytics workflow inside your data warehouse.
No need for engineers. No data is moved around. No SQL required.
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self-service data transformation tool ui

What is Retable

Retable is a no-code data transformation tool
built natively for cloud data warehouses
Behind the scenes, it executes native SQL within your cloud data warehouse
leveraging the performance and scale of the cloud.
elt (extract load transform) full schema

Works on your data warehouse

data preparation tool screenshot

Visual and intuitive data preparation

No-code data preparation interface makes the entire process of working with data simple, visual, and accessible to anyone in your company.

data distribution analytics

Fast exploration and cleanup

Understand and explore data visually with automatic data distributions. Instantly assess data quality with type-specific anomaly detection such as missing value, outliers, and duplicates.

data transformation no code interface

Easy and rich transformations

Shape, combine and transform structured and unstructured datasets of any size using visual, straightforward UI.

  • Large set of prebuilt transformation functions
  • One-click JSON parsing
  • Easy-to-use regex constructor
intelligent data transform suggestions

Smart predictive suggestions

With a single click, predictive AI algorithms recognize user intent and present a ranked list of auto-generated suggestions. Retable auto-completes transformation parameters and infers possible patterns from the current user context.

instant function result preview

Retable gives you the freedom to experiment without fear

  • Preview transformations instantly, even before applying them
  • Go back in time using steps history and restore state immediately using undo/redo
  • Smart caching and sampling will make sure you never wait for results to appear
jobs runner and schedule screenshot

Schedule and monitor flows

  • Automate your data preparation by scheduling your flows to run at a specific time
  • Enforce quality with auto-generated data profile validations
  • Monitor flows with status updates

Single data preparation tool for everyone in your analytics team

Empower your data teams with complete control of data transformation tasks and enable operating the entire analytical pipeline without involving engineers.

  • High team productivity with self-service no-code data preparation
  • No vendor lock-in, works with your warehouse
  • Centralize data pipeline operations and remove IT bottlenecks
  • Scale operations with modern DataOps practices and ELT approach

Take complete control of data transformation tasks and operate the entire analytics pipelines without involving engineers.

  • Use a powerful visual interface for faster and more efficient data preparation or use custom SQL
  • Automate, operationalize, and monitor data pipelines without depending on engineers
  • Never do the same work twice with reusable data preparation flows
  • Implement modern DataOps practices in your organization

Stop spending your time on ad-hoc modeling requests, and leave data transformations to data analysts. Focus on high-value tasks: building data pipelines infrastructure and bringing data to your warehouse.

  • Simplify data pipelines by separating “extract” and “load” from data transformations
  • No vendor lock-in, works with your warehouse
  • Developer friendly API for scheduling and monitoring

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